Doing anything for the first time can be nerve-racking. Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing Shanae and Gary for my first lifestyle session. Pulling up to the house, and for most of the drive there I had a small knot in my stomach. I started questioning everything. Did I bring all of my gear? If so, did I remember how to use it all? Was I dressed too casual?

Once I got to the door, I took a deep breath, and pushed all doubt out of my mind. After all, I've taken photographs before. The first thing I noticed inside was the large sliding glass door leading out to the deck. My thoughts; "Yes!! lots of light". Unfortunately the large Oak Tree outside had other plans. Luckily there was just enough light coming in that I didn't need to raise my cameras ISO too high. Sure I could've alleviated this issue by using a strobe, but that would only compromise the moody look I was going for.

Of Course I had a preplanned Pintrest Board with all the poses I wanted to use for the session. Once we got started, I barely checked in with the board. There was honestly no need. These guys had great chemistry on and off camera and required minimal cueing from me. As you can tell, this resulted in some beautiful and intimate photographs.

Thank You Shanae and Gary!!