Well, it's that time of year again. Sunflower Season!

The season usually runs between June and September, but depending on where the field is located and when the flowers were planted, you may see blooms as early as May or as late as October.

A few things to consider when planning your next Sunflower Field excursion:

1. Temperature. This time of year usually means elevated temperatures. So plan accordingly. Head covers and extra water are a good start. If you have any four legged members in your family, think about collapsible water bowls or some other means of quenching their thirst.

2. Sunflowers are extremely popular when in bloom. I suggest reaching out to to employees at the field to see if they require reservations or have a party limit. You should also check to see operating hours and special event schedules. They may effect your visiting times.

3. Check pricing before you arrive. Some places charge as little as $5 per person and as high as $20 per person. You might also want to check policies on cash vs card transactions.